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Nicolas SOREL

CSV AdStats 4.0

Adsense™ Tool to analyze your performances

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FREE Adsense Tool

If you use GoogleTM Adsense, this is the tool for you!
CSV AdStats offers you quick and indepth analysis of the performance of the targeted advertising for your content pages.

CSV AdStats, what's that?

CSV AdStats is an application that allows you to analyze the CSV formatted logfiles that are made available for Google AdSense. The tool calculates valuable statistical information like CPM, number of clicks, moving averages, accumulated by period and much more.
The extensive charting options will give you a fast and easy to understand view of daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly trends, thereby helping you maximize your AdSense earnings potential.


  • Automatic download of the csv-file from the Google AdSense site 
  • Statistiques par jour, par semaine, par mois, par années
  • Statistics like 7-day, weekly, monthly and yearly trends, 7 and 30 day averages and 7 and 30 day moving averages
  • Management of different criteria by means of which you can view specific statistical information
  • Statistics for "AdSense for search"
  • Statistics for "Referals"
  • Saving charts in EMF, BMP, JPG or PNG format
  • A timer allowing you to automatically download and import the csv-file at a regular interval, which also displays a message as soon as you earnings have gone up 
  • Generate report to see bests earnings (day/week/month/year)
  • And much more... 

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Nevron UI components and ZedGraph chart component were use to build this application.

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