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Nicolas SOREL

DroidSense 1.0

Adsense™ Tool to analyze your performances on your Android Phone™

Key features :

  • DroidSense allow you to analyze your Adsense™ performance daily, weekly, monthly and yearly from your Android™ Phone
  • Multi-accounts (If you manage more than one Google Adsense™ account, DroidSense can import datas from all your accounts)
  • Reports by day, week, month, year
  • Revenu charts by day, week, month, year (Chart generated of the current listview)
  • You can manage Date Format, Number format, Money Symbol ($/¤)
  • Notification at the end of the update to see how many you earned since last update.
  • You can choose witch CSV file to import (Adsense For search, for Mobile Content, for Domains, for Feeds, for Videos and Referals) separatly by account
  • Etc...

Some screenshots :
Main screen :

Report screen :

Notification :

DroidSense is available on the Android™ Market, search "droidsense" in the market on your Android Phone.

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